Matt Jewson, Attorney
Matt Jewson received his law degree from Ohio State University in 1994 where he graduated in the top 30% of his law school class. He has defended criminal cases in the Dayton area throughout his career.

For three years he served Montgomery County as an Assistant Prosecutor where he gained extensive criminal trial experience.

As a criminal defense lawyer, he has represented hundreds of clients in criminal matters throughout the Ohio court system. He has jury trial experience in criminal felony cases including successful trial results in high-level felony matters.

He is a member of the following professional organizations:

• Dayton Bar Association
• State of Ohio Bar Association

Matt is licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio.

DUI Case

A Relieved Client

“Mr. Dan Carman provided me legal representation after the sudden death of my longtime friend and legal counsel, Gatewood Galbriath. Mr. Carman took my case, and followed in the steps of Gatewood. His knowledge of the law is exceptional. I have been through multi-million dollar legal cases, with some of the foremost attorneys in the U.S., and Mr. Carman could hold his on with the best. I highly recommend him to anyone with a legal problem, no matter how large or small.”

DUI Case

A Grateful Client

“Dan knew how he would represent me as soon as I contacted him with my case. I was very fortunate to have found Dan…he knew exactly what he was going to do to handle my situation. Mr. Carman is very distinguished in his law practice and was able to minimize my court appearances, upon dismissal of my charges he also followed through with all other necessary documentation to relinquish my record. With my experience, Mr. Carman will do what is necessary to insure his clients success and I would certainly recommend Dan ‘the man’ Carman.”