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Why Suhre & Associates is best for you in Lexington

At Suhre & Associates, providing you with the best defense comes first to us. We feel that our knowledge, experience, track record, and awards are only important when it helps you and your case.

What we do for you

It is easy to feel intimidated and confused after a DUI arrest in Lexington. We don’t want you to feel alone during your ordeal. We help you feel comfortable with the process. We show you what we are facing together and discuss your all of your options. We use our knowledge of the courts to minimize the effect a DUI charge could have on your life. We fight for your future by negotiating your charge to have negligible effect on your goals or career plans.

How we do it

Our firm is centered on providing quality and competent representation for our clients. We do this through communication, preparation, and execution.


The charge and penalties you face are important. That is why we work to communicate with our clients every step of the way. No matter the charge against you, we can assist from arraignment to sentencing. We know it is important to you and that is why we are available 24/7 to assist you. Whether you prefer email, text, or phone calls, we are here for you.


Preparation is key, and that is how we obtain the best outcome for our clients. With the extensive investigation and preparation we execute during every case, our attorneys are able to implement successful defenses against your charges. Our investigation includes obtaining records from the police and prosecutors and employing experts to challenge evidence when we encounter questionable evidence. Those records range from certified testing and training records of the officer, any equipment used including breath test machines, and field notes any officer may haven taken with regard to your case.


Since 2009, Suhre & Associates have been defending criminal cases throughout the state of Kentucky. Through our communication and preparation, when it is time for court or to draft a motion, we are ready to meet and execute our client’s goals. Our experience in the Kentucky Judicial System gives us a unique advantage in how execute a successful defense for your case. Through our combined experience, we are able to execute defense strategies specific to your case. Our ability to effectively execute your case’s defense strategy lets us obtain a favorable verdict for you.

Our History

Suhre & Associates attorneys have been practicing in Kentucky since 2009. We have offices in Lexington, Louisville, and our Cincinnati Office covers Northern Kentucky. Our attorneys have worked on DUI cases in most counties throughout the state. No matter where you are at in Kentucky, we are here for you.

Why is Suhre & Associates best for you?

The main reason you should retain Suhre & Associates is you. You want to have attorneys you can feel comfortable with—who have the knowledge, capability, and willingness to fight for you—who have the experience to assure you of your most favorable outcome.

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DUI Case

A Relieved Client

“Suhre & Assoicates provided me legal representation after the sudden death of my longtime friend and legal counsel, Gatewood Galbriath. They took my case, and followed in the steps of Gatewood. Their knowledge of the law is exceptional. I have been through multi-million dollar legal cases, with some of the foremost attorneys in the U.S., and Suhre & Associates can hold on with the best. I highly recommend them to anyone with a legal problem, no matter how large or small.”

DUI Case

A Grateful Client

“Suhre & Assoicats knew how he would represent me as soon as I contacted him with my case. I was very fortunate to have found them…they knew exactly what he was going to do to handle my situation. They are very distinguished in their law practice and were able to minimize my court appearances, upon dismissal of my charges they also followed through with all other necessary documentation to relinquish my record. With my experience, Suhre & Associates will do what is necessary to insure their clients success and I would certainly recommend them.”