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Beat DUI and possession. The best lawyer I’ve worked with. Won my jury trial in a small town court. Not ridiculously priced for the services provided.
Brad Clark with Suhre & Associates was top notch to work with through the entire legal process. Attentive in person, on the phone, and through email. Mr. Clark delivered on everything he said he would, and took time to not only address the legal representation part of things but also showed compassion and respect for the human factor of things. Additionally working with Legal Assistant/Paralegal Cassandra was also wonderful could not have asked for any better communication throughout.If in the future there is a need for legal services I will not hesitate to call Mr. Clark and retain his legal services.
Tremendous, personal service. Always available and they respond immediately. I was always treated as family, even after the case was closed. Absolutely the best legal experience I have ever had…during the most stressful time of my life - bar none.
Excellent team and top tier legal representation.
Brad Clarke & Cassandra were wonderful to work with. Kept us informed throughout the entire process
I hired Mr Clark and his team to get some old cases expunged from my record. Mr Clark and his case manager Cassandra walked me through every step of the way and regularly communicated with me for every update in the process. They are very kind and professional. I highly recommend them.
Working with Mr. Harris was an absolute game-changer. Their expertise and dedication not only amended my no insurance charge but also saved me from waiting five long years to expunge my record. Their professionalism and commitment to my case were unparalleled. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Highly recommended!
If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for your case until the end then Derrick Harris is your man. From the initial consultation to deciding whether to negotiate a plea deal or taking the case to trial, he explained everything clearly and concisely. And if you do decide to go to trial, Derrick Harris will fight for your case to try to achieve the best outcome possible. I received a not guilty verdict and could not be happier with the work Derrick Harris performed.
Derrick Harris is an excellent lawyer. He went above and beyond helping me win multiple cases. Derrick is very organized and informed about his job. He is on time and looks professional. I will go to Derrick with anything I need assistance on in the future.
Suhre & Associates, specifically Mr Derrick Harris, have been a pleasure to work with and helped us tremulously navigate some traffic tickets. Being out of state and unfamiliar with Kentucky laws they handled everything. Would recommend.
Mr. Clark did an excellent job representing my dad. Well worth the money.
Professional service!!
The only reason I'm giving Derrick Harris five stars is because I can't give him 10 stars! He is very intelligent and knows his way around the court room. He made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. His assistant Cassandra kept me informed of everything I needed to know and made sure I never missed court. Derrick did what people said he couldn't do, but he was very confident and knew exactly what to do and resolved my case 110% to my satisfaction. It's not always easy in these small town courthouses to get justice but Derek Harris knows how to get it done. If I ever need an attorney again I won't have to look because I know who I will use and I recommend him and Shure and associates to anyone for any court related problems. In my opinion Derek Harris is the man!
Mr Harris and Cassandra his receptionist are very professional and down to earth and easy to talk to. They keep up with you and are with you every step of the way. Definitely will recommend and if I'm ever needing an attorney again. Derek Harris will be my choice.
Derek is a fantastic lawyer. He is exceptionally easy to talk to and work with. Definitely felt confident about my choice in choosing Derek to represent me. Suhre & Associates clearly cares about their clients and it shows through their dedication and communication. Between Mr. Harris and Cassandra the receptionist, I remained informed about my case and any updates or concerns that may have risen. I definitely would recommend this law firm and furthermore Mr. Harris.
Was on top of everything
Mr. Clark and his team went above and beyond to help me get a record expunged Ive been trying to take care of for over 13 years. They made the process simple and easy on me. I travel a lot for work so they made everything as hands free as possible and would update me throughout the process. The professionalism and communication was of the highest quality. If you're looking for someone to get the job done, you've found the place.
Mr. Harris and Cassandra have been great! It's not a position I wanted to be in, but glad to have them in my corner to help guide me through this process. If you find yourself in a bad situation I highly recommend them to help.
My fiancé is currently incarcerated and it has been a tough situation on my family.I can not thank Derrick Harris enough.He has been very understanding and helpful in this process.Any questions I have he is happy to answer and help me understand the steps.I definitely recommend ⭐️Thank you all
Derrick Harris and Cassandra are great people to work with. They both did so much to help me with my situation.When I needed help the most Mr. Harris was there and Cassandra kept me updated with my case the entire time.Very honest and professional.Highly recommend.Thank you
I was the passenger of a car that got pulled over that cop ended up giving me 4 charges of different drug possession, 2 charges being for my prescription pills. Derrick was able to get all 7 charges divert, all 4 of my charges as well as my partner in crimes 3 charges. He’s the absolute best, thinking I was going to live the rest of my life with a criminal record, but he was able to get me a plea deal that would leave my record clear in 12 months… that’s amazing!!! I couldn’t have ask for a nicer and more understanding attorney I could really tell he is in it to help us and that he did!!!
I’ve had a few lawyers, none of them compare to them . They are consistent, work with you financially and very trustworthy.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind review, Kari!
Bradley was super helpful and very nice! Definitely recommend!
Hi everybody, I am writing this review to let you know that if youneed a good attorney to help you with your legal trouble Suhre &Associates are simply the best. I for one have always been a littlenervous and apprehensive upon entering an attorney's office for thefirst time. You never know what to expect and you certainly don'twant to feel like you're being judged. You want to feel like you cantotally trust the attorney and staff you're dealing with so you canfeel comfortable sharing the facts of your case. Upon entering thisoffice I felt that the secretary Cassandra was so pleasant to talk to Iimmediately felt at ease. I was also fortunate enough to get DerrickHarris for my attorney. I tell you between Derrick and Casandra I felta level of trust I have never felt in any attorneys office in my 62years. Derrick Harris has a winning personality that lets you know hereally cares and is committed to getting you the best possibleoutcome for your case. This is one law office that you'll beconfident upon leaving that you now have a great team to stand up foryou. My honest opinion is Suhre & Associates are proven trialattorneys and professionals who truly care. Forever grateful, Mark Hearn
Mr. Harris did a great job.
Very professional and upstanding Law Firm ...... Five Star rating
Mr. Clark and Cassandra were great to work with throughout the expungement process. They are diligent and professional. Thank you so much!
Hired Derrick Harris for my expungement (which I’d started myself, & sat in court 5hrs waiting cause I didn’t have an attorney the first time.) After I hired Mr. Harris he went to court with me & we were the first called & he got everything expunged in 5 minutes even though the commonwealth was against it. He’s on time, professional, got me what I wanted & his assistant was great! She always responded to my msgs & very helpful too! Update: I got a very good job, never would of had a chance without Mr. Harris & his assistant helping me expunge the felonies I had! So worth it!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review, Lora! We are glad Derrick delivered a 5-star service.
Suhre and Assoc. helped me with my legal troubles and within 2 weeks of arrest and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Mr. Bradley Clark and Cassandra did an excellent job for me. Any questions I had were answered within the hour, they let you know that they truly care about your situation.
Derrick Harris is LEGIT! I really appreciate how he handled me and the situation at hand. He made it short, simple, easy and affordable! I highly recommend him or Suhre & Associate if you guys have a problem in Kentucky. Thanks Mr. Harris!
Derrick Harris is a beast in all the right ways! He will get you the justice you deserve, really cares for his clients needs and walks with God the whole way! God bless you Derrick ❤️
Literally the best lawyer I have ever had. 100% great service, communication and gets the job DONE! Thankful beyond measures for this amazing lawyer.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the outstanding review, Madi!
Derrick Harris is super easy to work with and shows genuine care for everyone who he comes across. Point blank definition of a professional. Strongly recommend to anyone.
Suhre and Associates LLC was exactly what I needed when seeking representation! I was granted my free first consultation as advertised after providing details of my case and being transferred to Attorney Derrick Harris. He was prompt and efficient in proceedings, charges, and general information. Due to my circumstances I was working under the wire and he was adamant, and successful, at getting my case resolved swiftly. If I need representation again in the future, I will be contacting Suhre and Associates and asking for Derrick Harris!
What can I say? I'll tell you. Derrick Harris is top notch. He did everything that he told me he would do. A young, family man with a lot of experience, obviously, in and around the courthouses there in Kentucky. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which I now believe in, again, and will be happy to visit and use its roadways to travel through. The prosecuting attorney/DA and the Rambo cop (and his two colleagues) never stood a chance during our Jury Trial. I could NOT believe things went that far...jury! Thank God the good people of/around London, Kentucky who were chosen for jurors, could see through the absurdity of the entire case - and why I had to pay so much time and mental anguish and money to clear my good name. I was accused and arrested and given no choice but to sleep on the floor of the detox/drunk tank for the night, for driving under the influence of a controlled substance, while traveling through The Commonwealth, from Tennessee to Michigan, to visit my sick Mother. There was not any proper evidence or reason at all. When I first talked to Mr Harris, he told me over the phone that he'd "never lost such a case yet." That sounded good to me! The entire fiasco went on (for me) from early August of '22 until just last week, a couple days before April Fools. He's funny and sharp, and knows when he's going to win. He's soon to become a father, and surely will only excel more and more in his life. Top Notch. 110%Thank you to Mr. Harris, his very kind and patient paralegal Cassandra, and the excellent small town folks in Kentucky who could see right from wrong, thanks tremendously to my outstanding lawyer. I would do it all over again, if I had the time and money.Scott Edward Searle
Bradley Clark recently wrapped up a case in which he represented me, and I was very pleased with the resolution. His experience, record, and dedication really stood out, and made all the difference in an otherwise tough case. Thanks Brad and Cassandra.
Lexington Criminal defense lawyer, Brad Clark, goes above and beyond when it comes to his clients. He listens to your questions and addresses them in a timely, understandable manor. If you need someone in your corner, who will fight for you every step of the way, you cannot do better than Brad Clark. He has the knowledge, expertise, and the will to ensure you get the best possible outcome.
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to leave us valuable feedback, Clint!
Fantastic service, excellent results. I had Derrick Harris as my attorney and I would recommend him highly to anyone.
Derrick Harris was very professional with my case and got everything handled in little to no time. If you need someone in Kentucky to represent you or defend you, choose Derrick!
I originally hired a lawyer on our case but wasn’t very successful.. Joe, stepped up and provided excellent service and brought my partner back home. I really appreciate all his assistance and time. Our family is complete again. I will recommend him to anyone that’s in need of a good lawyer
Derrick Harris took great care of me. I couldn’t be happier with his services. I recommend him and this practice to anyone looking for legal help! Thank you!!
Brad Clarke and his assistant Cassandra with Shure and Associates went above and beyond for my boyfriend when I felt that I was for sure his case was a lost cause because of his past history they assured us from the first day I talked to him he would help him and fight for him anyway he could. He was potentially looking at PFO charge along with other things and was sure He would be going away for a while. But Brad kept to his word and fought for us the whole way. In the end He was offered probation which I can honestly say was all thanks to him and his team. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney who truly cares and doesn’t judge you on your past and helps you through the entire process. So thank you Brad for giving him and our family another chance.
One of the best lawyers you can hire (Derrick Harris)


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