Drivers License Suspension in Lexington

Are you facing a driver’s license suspension in Lexington, Kentucky, in connection with a DUI? The Lexington DUI lawyers at Suhre & Associates, LLC can help. 

Our criminal defense team understands the importance of your driving privileges. Suhre & Associates, LLC has helped many clients just like you fight their DUI-related drivers license suspension. We want to use our knowledge of Kentucky law to help you maintain the ability to drive. 

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How Can Suhre & Associates, LLC Help With Drivers License Suspension in Lexington?

How Can Sure & Associates, LLC Help With Drivers License Suspension in Lexington?

If you are facing a driver’s license suspension in Lexington, KY, you need strong legal representation on your side. Unlike some lawyers that disregard license suspensions, our team understands how important your license is to you.

You can trust that our Lexington DUI lawyers will use all the legal tools we can to fight for your driving privileges. Our founding attorney, Joe Suhre, began his career as a police officer before going to law school and becoming an attorney. 

Because he was trained on DUI stops as a policeman, he knows exactly what to look for when defending his clients. If the police cut corners or made mistakes, we will find it. 

If you hire our Lexington criminal defense lawyers, we will begin defending you by:

  • Asserting your right to silence
  • Negotiating with the DA 
  • Filing motions for drivers license suspension review
  • Arguing motions to suppress evidence
  • Fighting your DUI case at trial

Don’t wait; contact our team right away for a free consultation. We want to help you stand up for your rights. 

License Suspensions in Connection With a DUI in Lexington

There are two ways that a driver’s license can be suspended in connection with a DUI charge in Lexington, Kentucky: refusing to submit to field sobriety testing and conviction of a DUI.

Suppose you refuse to submit to field sobriety testing when a police officer has reasonable grounds to believe you are driving under the influence. In this case, your refusal will result in license suspension during the DUI case, and even after acquittal. By driving on Kentucky roads, a driver is considered to have agreed to follow Kentucky Implied Consent law

Implied consent means that you have consented to sobriety testing, including blood, urine, and breath tests, by driving your car. At trial, the prosecution is allowed to argue to the jury that a refusal to take a test is evidence of guilt. 

You have the right to a hearing regarding an implied consent suspension for a judge to review whether the officer had reasonable grounds to request the sobriety test. 

DUI Conviction

DUI conviction suspensions are no less burdensome than implied consent suspensions. When one is convicted of a DUI, their driver’s license is suspended for a set amount of time, depending on the number of prior convictions and other factors.  

Suhre & Associates, LLC knows how important your driving privileges are to you. Not being able to drive can jeopardize many aspects of your life. 

This is why our lawyers fight driver’s license suspensions as hard as we fight any other case. You deserve an aggressive defense of your rights. Contact us today so we can get started fighting for you. 

What Happens if My Driver’s License is Suspended in Kentucky? 

The same penalties apply whether your driver’s license is suspended for a refusal or for a DUI conviction. By statute, the driver’s license suspension period is the same for a refusal as it is for a DUI conviction

The suspension periods for refusals or DUI convictions are:

  • 6 months for a first offense in ten years
  • 18 months for a second offense in ten years
  • 36 months for a third offense in ten years
  • 60 months for a fourth offense in ten years

Being found guilty of an improper refusal can also result in enhanced penalties. Specifically, the mandatory minimum jail time is doubled for second or third offenses in ten years if a refusal was involved. 

What Defenses Can I Raise to Keep My License?

To fight a DUI-related license suspension, we need to dig into why you are facing suspension. If it is due to a refusal to take a sobriety test, one set of defenses can apply. If it is due to a DUI conviction, the DUI case needs to be defended. Regardless of why your license is being suspended, Suhre & Associates, LLC can help.

For an improper refusal suspension, we can request a hearing on the suspension. The hearing must happen within 30 days of our motion. At the hearing, our lawyers will argue that the officer did not have reasonable grounds to request field sobriety tests. We will investigate the facts of your case to pinpoint what the police did wrong. 

DUI cases are one of the most common types of criminal defense cases, but the defenses can be complicated. To avoid your suspension, we need to beat your DUI case. 

Some classic DUI defenses include:

  • Arguing the traffic stop lacked reasonable suspicion in violation of your rights.
  • Arguing that incriminating statements were obtained in violation of your miranda rights.
  • Arguing that the field sobriety tests were administered in a flawed manner and therefore lack evidentiary value.
  • Arguing that you were not under the influence.

Suhre & Associates, LLC DUI attorneys are skilled at fighting DUI cases and license suspensions. We will build a strong case using our proven methods.

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