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Are you facing extortion charges in Lexington, Kentucky? If so, you need to launch a quick and vigorous defense to protect yourself from the harsh consequences of a conviction.

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Why You Should Hire Suhre & Associates, LLC

Why You Should Hire Suhre & Associates, LLC

Extortion is a complicated and serious crime. If you’ve been charged with extortion, there’s a good chance that the government thinks that the likelihood of conviction is high.

The idea of defending yourself against extortion charges can be as frightening as it is nerve-wracking. Fortunately, you do not – and should not – have to take on this challenge on your own.

Hiring an experienced Lexington criminal defense attorney from Suhre & Associates, LLC to represent you is a great way to tip the scales of justice in your favor.

At Suhre & Associates, LLC, our attorneys have decades of collective experience handling the most complex criminal cases in the Bluegrass State. Our team includes a former prosecutor and a former police officer, which makes us uniquely qualified to defend you in a court of law. We are here to fight for you, by:

  • Working night and day to secure your release from police custody
  • Standing up for your constitutional rights
  • Conducting a detailed investigation into your arrest
  • Speaking with respected experts about the details of your case
  • Offering you honest answers to your legal questions
  • Looking for evidence that may help your case
  • Offering you astute legal advice throughout your case
  • Developing a customized defense strategy for your extortion case
  • Handling the administrative side of your extortion case
  • Helping you understand how the criminal justice system works
  • Negotiating a plea bargain deal with the prosecuting attorney
  • Representing your best interests at trial, if necessary

Don’t fight back against your extortion charges alone. Get in touch with a skilled Lexington criminal defense attorney from Suhre & Associates, LLC, today to obtain the guidance and assistance you need to tackle your case the right way. We have many years of experience in the legal industry, and we are ready to go to battle for you.

Understanding the Crime of Extortion in Kentucky

The dictionary definition of “extortion” is the practice of obtaining money or any other benefit through force or the threat of force. Both the state of Kentucky and the United States federal government have numerous laws on their books that outlaw behavior of this nature, including:

Theft By Extortion – KRS § 514.080

Section 514.080 of the Kentucky Revised Code states that it is illegal for a person to obtain another individual’s property by threatening to:

  • Inflict bodily injury on anyone
  • Commit any criminal offense
  • Accuse anyone of committing a criminal offense
  • Expose a secret that would subject anyone to hatred or ridicule
  • Expose a secret that would impair a person’s credit or reputation
  • Use their position as a public official to impact anyone adversely
  • Bring about or continue a boycott or strike
  • Testify or provide false information in court

Kentucky residents who violate this criminal statute are guilty of theft by extortion.

Courts in the Bluegrass State generally classify crimes of this nature as Class A misdemeanors. However, they have the authority to upgrade this offense to a Class D felony if the value of the property is more than $500 or a Class C felony if its worth exceeds $10,000.

Extortion By US Officers – 18 USC § 872

18 US Code § 872 explains that it is unlawful for an officer or employee of the United States to, under color or pretense of office, commit or attempt to commit extortion.

This statute also explains that it is illegal for an individual who represents themselves to be an officer or employee of the United States to commit or attempt to commit extortion.

When Lexington residents violate this law, the federal government may arrest them for extortion by officers or employees of the United States.

Blackmail – 18 USC § 873

18 US Code § 873 explains that it is unlawful for a person to demand or receive money or any other benefit in exchange for informing or failing to notify the authorities about a violation of US law. 

Kentuckians who violate this statute are guilty of blackmail.

Receiving the Proceeds of Extortion 18 USC § 880

18 US Code § 880 explains that it is unlawful for a person to possess, receive, conceal, or dispose of money or any other benefit obtained through extortion.

Those who choose to violate this federal law are guilty of receiving the proceeds of extortion.

The defense attorneys at our Suhre & Associates, LLC, are well-versed in all aspects of state and federal criminal law. So, if you are facing charges in relation to any of these offenses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We might be able to help you get your case dismissed.

Consequences of Extortion Convictions in the State of Kentucky

The consequences of extortion convictions in the state of Kentucky come in two distinct varieties. They are:

  • Criminal penalties, and
  • Collateral consequences

Each of these consequences has the power to have a profound negative impact on an offender’s freedom and prospects for the future:

Criminal Penalties for Extortion

The criminal punishments doled out for extortion convictions in the state of Kentucky are as follows:

Theft By Extortion

Theft by extortion is a Class A misdemeanor in Kentucky. When a circuit court judge convicts someone of an offense of this nature, they may send them to jail for up to 12 months and fine them as much as $500.

If the value of the extorted property exceeds $500, this crime becomes a Class D felony. The punishments for offenses like these include as long as five years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

When the value of the benefit in question exceeds $10,000, theft by extortion is a Class C felony. When courts convict people of committing these types of crimes, they can send them to prison for up to ten years and fine them as much as $10,000.

Extortion By US Officers

According to the US Code, when a district court convicts someone of extorting less than $1,000 in their position as a government official, they may send them to prison for up to one year.

Individuals who extort more than $1,000 while working as an officer of the United States can go to prison for as long as three years.


The US government takes blackmail very seriously. People who commit this criminal offense can go to federal prison for up to a year.

Receiving the Proceeds of Extortion

Kentucky residents who violate 18 US Code § 880 can go to federal prison for as long as one year if they did not know that the benefits they gained were the product of extortion. 

Individuals who knew the property in question was the product of extortion can spend up to three years in federal prison.

Collateral Consequences of Extortion

People who commit extortion in the state of Kentucky don’t just spend time in prison or pay a fine. They also receive a permanent criminal record that can cause them to experience collateral consequences like:

  • Loss of Gun Ownership Rights: Neither the state of Kentucky nor the federal government allows felons to buy or use firearms.
  • Trouble Getting a Job: Businesses in Lexington and throughout the state of Kentucky often reject job applications from individuals with criminal records.
  • Professional Licensing Issues: People with criminal records can find it tough to obtain the professional licenses they need for their careers.
  • Trouble Finding Housing: Landlords in Lexington generally prefer to avoid renting their properties to convicted felons.
  • Immigration Problems: The federal government regularly deports non-citizen felons after they get out of prison.
  • Trouble Obtaining Student Loans: Federal law makes it challenging for convicted felons to obtain loans to go to college.

Over the years, our defense attorneys in Lexington have helped a plethora of clients battle back against their extortion charges. Theft crime has long been one of our firm’s primary practice areas. If you would like to have us assist you with your legal fight, please give us a call or contact us online.

Defenses Against Extortion Charges in Kentucky

When Kentucky residents face extortion charges, they often think that it is all but inevitable that the court will convict them and send them to prison.

In reality, however, arrestees can frequently get their charges dismissed or reduced when they hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Lexington to help them implement one of the following legal strategies:

  • Insufficient Evidence: Lawyers can often get extortion cases thrown out by arguing that the state does not have enough evidence to convict.
  • Illegal Search: When attorneys prove that their client was the victim of an illegal search, they can typically get evidence suppressed and, eventually, the case dismissed.
  • Property Ownership: Lawyers who can show that their client is the rightful owner of the property they allegedly extorted can often convince juries to acquit.

Are you ready to have a knowledgeable defense attorney from Suhre & Associates, LLC, help you devise an effective strategy for your extortion case? If so, please give us a call today to set up a free consultation at our law office in Lexington, KY. We know how to win cases like yours.

Your Experienced Lexington Extortion Lawyer

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