Kentucky changed its concealed weapons laws in 2019. Anyone over 21 who can lawfully possess a firearm can carry concealed firearms or other deadly weapons without a permit or license. Even though you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit, Kentucky still offers a CCDW (concealed carry deadly weapons) permit.

Because most states require a concealed weapon permit, you may want to get your Kentucky concealed carry permit even though the law has changed. A CCDW license provides the holder with information about Kentucky gun laws and gun training. A CCDW can also be good to have when you purchase weapons from licensed dealers.

What Is the CCDW Application Process in Kentucky?

The process for getting your CCDW in Kentucky is outlined on the Kentucky State Police website. The general steps to obtain a Kentucky concealed carry permit are:

  • You must be over 21 years old and eligible to lawfully possess a firearm under state and federal law
  • Complete the required firearms training course approved or offered by the Department of Criminal Justice Training
  • Complete a CCDW application at the sheriff’s office in the county of your residence
  • Pay $20 to the sheriff’s office
  • Submit a check for $40, payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer
  • A photograph that meets the applicable requirements

It takes up to 90 days to receive your CCDW permit or a denial of your application. You must submit all required documents and information for the application to be considered.

If you have trouble locating a certified instructor for the weapons training course, contact the sheriff’s office for assistance. The CCDW allows a person to carry a firearm and other deadly weapons defined in KRS 500.080 on or about their person.

It is important to remember that the CCDW is valid in Kentucky. If you travel to another state, you must abide by that state’s concealed carry laws. Otherwise, you could face criminal charges in another state.

A CCDW permit is valid five years from the date it was issued unless it is revoked or suspended. You can renew the CCDW before it expires.

Are There Restrictions on Where You Can Carry a Concealed Weapon in Kentucky?

Kentucky concealed carry laws prohibit individuals from possessing concealed weapons in certain places. Those places include:

  • Jails and prisons
  • Courthouses
  • Elementary and secondary schools unless you have permission from the authorities of the school
  • Drinking establishments and the bar areas of restaurants
  • Police stations and sheriff’s office
  • Daycare facilities except a registered childcare facility in a private home

There may be other places where you are not permitted to carry a concealed weapon. Private businesses may prohibit concealed weapons on their premises.

What Are the Penalties for Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Lexington, KY?

With the passage of the concealed weapons law in 2019, it is no longer a crime to carry a concealed weapon in Kentucky. However, you can face criminal charges if you carry the weapon on the premises where concealed carry is prohibited.

For example, carrying a concealed weapon on school property violates KRS 527.070. You can be charged with a Class D felony. The penalty for a conviction is a maximum fine of $10,000 and up to five years in state prison.

If you are a convicted felon, possessing a firearm is a Class D felony. If the weapon is a handgun, the charge is a Class C felony, which increases the prison sentence up to ten years.

Contact a weapons charges lawyer immediately. You could be facing severe punishments if you are convicted of a crime. An attorney investigates the charges against you and gathers evidence to develop a defense to the charges.

Potential defenses to concealed carry crimes include:

  • You did not realize you had the weapon on your person
  • You have the legal right to possess the weapon
  • You complied with all Kentucky concealed carry laws
  • You did not have a weapon in violation of state or federal law
  • The weapon is not classified as a deadly weapon

If you have questions about concealed carry laws in Kentucky or need help with a case, contact an attorney for a free consultation. 

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