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When Does Cyberbullying Become a Crime in Kentucky?

With today’s easy access to technology and connectivity, cyberbullying is all too prevalent and has been quite common in recent years. Victims may suffer significant psychological harm from this form of harassment – especially younger generations, for whom virtual communication plays such an integral part of their social lives. People can engage in online actions… read more

Disorderly Conduct Charges in Lexington, Kentucky

Disorderly conduct charges carry quite a broad definition as they can involve multiple types of behavior causing inconvenience to others or your surroundings. Understanding the specifics around disorderly conduct charges, the penalties you face, and potential legal defenses is essential.  First-Degree Disorderly Conduct In Kentucky, disorderly conduct is defined by Kentucky Revised Statute 525.055. According… read more

Does Kentucky Have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

Understanding the legal intricacies related to the age of consent and statutory rape can often be complex, but it’s incredibly important. When discussing this topic in Kentucky, one question that often arises is whether Kentucky has Romeo and Juliet Laws. What Are Romeo and Juliet Laws? Romeo and Juliet laws, also known as close-in-age exemptions,… read more

What Constitutes Harassment in Kentucky?

Harassment covers a wide range of actions intended to threaten, intimidate, or annoy another person. The charges a person faces for harassment depend on the facts of the case and the types of behavior involved. Because you could be charged with harassment even if you do not intend to harass someone, it is essential to… read more

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without a License in Kentucky?

Whether you forgot your driver’s license when you left home or are driving without a valid driver’s license, you could be charged if a police officer pulls you over. However, there are several defenses to the charges. Don’t accept the charges as valid until you speak with a Lexington criminal defense lawyer.  What Is the… read more

Criminal Mischief Charges in Lexington, Kentucky: What You Need To Know

Criminal mischief can be a serious crime in Kentucky, but not many people have heard about it. If you’ve been charged with criminal mischief, you may be wondering what happens next. A Lexington criminal defense lawyer can explain the consequences of criminal mischief and the legal process in your case. They can also represent you… read more

Kentucky Self-Defense Laws

In Kentucky, you have the right to defend yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes people are still charged with a crime, like assault, after defending themselves – even if they did so lawfully.  A Kentucky criminal defense lawyer can help you argue self-defense to win your case and get your criminal charges dismissed.  When Is Self-Defense Allowed in… read more

Can a Convicted Felon Own a Gun in Kentucky?

Being convicted of a felony in Kentucky has serious consequences. In addition to jail time and fines, a convicted felon cannot legally own a firearm except in a few circumstances. Possession of a firearm by a felony is a felony offense in Kentucky.  A felon convicted of possessing a firearm without their firearm rights being… read more

Is It Illegal To Answer The Door Naked in Lexington?

Our constitutional rights afford us certain liberties in the privacy of our homes. Generally, we have the right to be naked in our homes. However, some situations could possibly violate Kentucky’s indecent exposure laws, including answering the door naked. What Are Kentucky’s Indecent Exposure Laws? Kentucky has two indecent exposure laws that could result in… read more

Is it Legal to Live in a Camper in Your Backyard in Lexington Kentucky?

Is it legal to live in a camper in your backyard in Lexington? Issues like these in Kentucky are governed by the local county code and HOA regulations. The defense lawyers at Suhre & Associates explain what you should know about living in an RV in your yard in this blog. Lexington zoning laws generally… read more