Title IX

The Burden of Proof in Title IX Cases

If you have been accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault on a college campus or other school setting, Title IX might control the subsequent proceedings. Title IX protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of sex. However, the law has expanded to cover sexual misconduct. The law applies to any education program that receives… read more

What Happens If You’re Found Responsible for a Title IX Violation?

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal funding. This includes students, faculty, administrative staff, vendors doing business at the institution, and other full and part-time employees.  Noncompliance with Title IX rules by institutions can result in serious consequences such as forfeiture of federal funds, including… read more

How To Cope With The Stress Of Title IX Allegations

Title IX bans sex discrimination in federally funded institutions. The law covers many different types of sex discrimination. This includes discrimination in athletics, classes, and financial aid at federally funded colleges and universities. It also requires schools to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Even those made by one student against another.  Most… read more

Can My University Still Punish Me for Off-Campus Sexual Misconduct in Lexington?

Sexual misconduct is a major issue on college campuses, and all universities should have protocols in place to address these matters. But what happens when the incident occurs off campus? Does the school have any jurisdiction in that case? In the past, universities were able to and obligated to investigate all reports of sexual misconduct… read more