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Have you been charged with a misdemeanor in Lexington, Kentucky? An experienced Lexington misdemeanor defense lawyer at Suhre & Associates can help. We’ve helped thousands of clients achieve favorable resolutions to their misdemeanor cases. 

By treating every case with the attention it deserves, we have gained a reputation as aggressive and effective legal counsel. With decades of experience across the firm, our dedicated legal team will build a strong defense for you.

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How Can Suhre & Associates Help if I Am Charged With a Misdemeanor in Lexington KY?

How Can Suhre & Associates Help if I Am Charged With a Misdemeanor in Lexington KY?

Since 2009, our experienced Lexington criminal defense lawyers have been standing up for the rights of the accused. When you retain us to represent you, our team of former police officers and prosecutors-turned-defense lawyers get started building your strategic defense. We understand that you are a good person caught up in a bad situation, and we want to help. 

Some of our defense strategies include:

  • Fully understanding your story
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence
  • Gathering evidence of your innocence
  • Negotiating for a dismissal or reduction in charges
  • Taking your case to trial if necessary

Our founding attorney Joe Suhre has instilled a culture of incredible attention to detail at our firm. As a former police officer and highly regarded defense attorney, he understands that pouring over your case step by step is the best way to build a defense. His police training means he can identify missteps by police and utilize this in your defense. 

Attorney Miranda Holbrook uses her inside knowledge of the justice system to the advantage of all her clients. Her 14 years of trial experience as a prosecutor allows her to find the strengths and weaknesses in the case against you in order to properly advise you. She understands the impact an aggressive defense can have, and prosecutors know they can’t mess with her clients. 

When the state sets its sights on you they will do everything they can to secure a conviction. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the police are your friend, or that this is not serious and will blow over. Get in touch with our Lexington law office right away for your free consultation so we can protect your rights.

What is a Misdemeanor in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Revised Statutes define a misdemeanor as any crime carrying a jail sentence of up to one year. A misdemeanor is different from a “violation,” for which no jail time is threatened.

A felony, on the other hand, is any crime with a possible prison sentence of greater than one year. Although they carry lesser sentences, misdemeanors impact far more people than felonies and are charged much more frequently.

Some people downplay the seriousness of misdemeanor charges. This is a mistake. Suhre & Associates understands that misdemeanor charges can have a serious impact on your life. Because of this, we treat every misdemeanor case with the same care and attention we would give to a serious felony. 

Some common misdemeanors include:

We have experience fighting many additional misdemeanor charges. Whether for drug possession or charges related to domestic violence, we can give you legal advice that is best for your situation.

Every criminal charge contains multiple individual elements. The state is required to prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt at trial to convict you. Rest assured, Suhre & Associates will challenge the state as it attempts to meet its burden of proof by contesting critical pieces of evidence. We won’t let your rights be trampled on.

What are the Penalties for a Misdemeanor Conviction?

Kentucky has two types of misdemeanors: Class A and Class B. Class A misdemeanors carry a maximum penalty of between 90 days in jail and 12 months in jail. This is the most serious type of misdemeanor.

Conviction for a Class B Misdemeanor has a maximum penalty of less than 90 days. 

In practice, there are many different outcomes when a misdemeanor is resolved. Sometimes a jail sentence is imposed. But frequently, effective legal representation can help you obtain a probationary sentence, even if convicted. The sentence imposed varies greatly depending on your criminal record, the facts of the case, and the unique charges against you.

Of course, we begin every case with the goal of getting charges dropped or getting you acquitted. Depending on the specific facts of your case, we can also work with you to create favorable resolutions and present them to the prosecutor in a plea bargain. No matter what your goals are, our Lexington criminal defense attorneys will let the state know that you aren’t going to be taken advantage of.

What Defenses are Available to Misdemeanor Charges?

The defense to your case will be completely unique because no two criminal cases are the same. Our attorneys will carefully evaluate every aspect of your case to identify weaknesses in the evidence against you. We will also uncover any violations of your rights by the police.

Some of the defenses that may apply to misdemeanor charges include:

Constitutional law and rules of evidence are complex. Constructing the strongest defense requires knowledgeable legal counsel. Sometimes cases are won with one big shocking discovery. Much more often, cases are won and lost in the nitty gritty details that would have been overlooked without attentive lawyers. 

Whether your defense requires a “smoking gun” of exculpatory evidence, or a “death by a thousand cuts approach,” Suhre & Associates has seen it all. We will fight for you with everything we have so you can get back to your normal life. 

What is Misdemeanor Probation?

Suhre & Associates regularly obtains probation for clients that want to avoid a jail sentence if they are convicted. Probation is community supervision in place of jail time. People who are placed on probation are subject to a variety of conditions imposed by the judge at sentencing.

Common conditions of probation include:

  • Drug and alcohol monitoring
  • Meeting with probation officer
  • Travel restrictions
  • Participation in mental health or addiction counseling
  • Obtaining employment
  • Avoiding new law violations

Misdemeanor probation is usually limited to a maximum of two years. While the conditions of probation can be onerous, for many people it is preferable to serving time in jail. Probation allows you to care for loved ones and continue your career. Jail, on the other hand, can be a huge disruption to your busy life. 

If you violate any condition of probation, you could be rearrested and sentenced to a jail sentence for violating probation. This is called getting probation “revoked.”  At a revocation hearing you have the right to be represented by counsel. Since you were already convicted for the underlying crime, probation revocation hearings are an uphill battle. The state treats probation as a privilege that they can take away. A reputable attorney in Lexington can discuss the role probation may play in your case.

Can I Get a Misdemeanor Expunged in Lexington?

Possibly. Expungement is a legal process that allows people with a criminal record to get a second chance by completely removing the charge, conviction, or arrest from your record. In Kentucky, anyone convicted of a misdemeanor may petition the court for expungement within five years of completing their sentence. The court will then schedule a hearing on the issue. 

Some key eligibility criteria include:

  • The offense was not a sex offense or an offense against a child
  • No additional convictions in the last five years
  • No new or pending charges

Suhre & Associates lawyer Bradley Clark is a giant in the field of expungement in Kentucky. He is renowned for his pioneering work making expungement more accessible to everyone in the community through his app and website, Unconvicted. His creation of this app has helped 10,000+ people get their criminal records expunged. His work was featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

One of the things that scares people the most about criminal charges is having a criminal record. Our lawyers know how important it is to you to keep your record clean, so we fight charges as hard as we can.

It is beneficial to work with a Lexington criminal defense lawyer to prepare the petition for expungement and to have them attend the expungement hearing with you. A lawyer can make sure the judge hears all the relevant information that can help you obtain expungement. 

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Our aggressive strategies put you back on the offensive and put the state on its heels. Contact our legal team today for your free initial consultation. 

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