If you live or work in the Lexington area, you may question how safe your community actually is. According to the FBI’s 2019 statistics, Lexington experienced 967 incidents of violent crime, including 26 homicides that year. There were also 175 reported rapes and 404 incidents of aggravated assault. These numbers are in addition to the nearly 10,000 property crimes reported that year.

Where Does Crime Happen in Lexington?

The City of Lexington’s crime map is useful for citizens who want to see where reported criminal activity occurs most often. In using the crime map to locate reports of assaults, sexual assaults, and homicides, three neighborhoods stand out:

Near Transylvania University

The area between E High Street and W Third Street, South of S Broadway, has seen four instances of aggravated assaults this year alone. Three of these instances are within a two-block radius of the Lexington Public Library. The fourth took place near the John R. Hall Field Granz Park just west of Transylvania University.

Nearby to the southwest, there have been four other aggravated assaults and three sexual assaults.

Versailles Road and Alexandria Drive

In this area to the west of downtown Lexington, there have been numerous reported aggravated assaults and at least one reported sexual assault during 2023. One of the aggravated assaults and the sexual assault took place immediately off of Village Drive, north of Versailles Road. A homicide was also reported at Village Drive and Devonport Road.

Northside District

North of Transylvania University is the Northside District. Here, another one of the city’s homicides took place near W Fifth Street and Toner Street. Farther south and east along Fifth Street, three more sexual assaults and five aggravated assaults have also taken place this year alone.

Where Are Some Safe Areas of Lexington, KY?

Not all areas of Lexington are dangerous. In fact, there are some areas that have experienced few reported violent crimes this year. These areas include:

Area Near the University of Kentucky

The area around the University of Kentucky, between S Limestone and Euclid Avenue, bordered by Cooper Drive on the south, has not reported homicides, sexual assaults, or aggravated assaults this year.

Between Virginia Avenue and Rosemont Garden

The area between Virginia Avenue and Rosemont Garden, which includes the neighborhoods of North Elizabeth Street, Elizabeth Street, and Seven Parks, encompasses a sizable area of the city. However, despite this area’s size, there has only been one reported aggravated assault in 2023 in this area of the city.

Between Versailles Road and Old Frankfort Pike

Versailles Road and Old Frankfort Pike/Manchester Street proceed in a westwardly direction from downtown Lexington. Although the northern part of the Lexington Metropolitan area has neighborhoods with a high concentration of violent crimes, the area between Old Frankfort Pike and Versailles Road, especially west of S Forbes Road, is not one of those neighborhoods. No violent crime reports have been received from this area in 2023 thus far.

Tips For Staying Safe in Lexington, Kentucky

No matter where you travel in Lexington, there are steps you can take to make your trip safer. Do not stop in unfamiliar areas at night unless you absolutely have to do so. If you must stop at night, try to choose a well-lit business area near a main road or with customers nearby.

If you are traveling on foot, do not draw attention to yourself. Keep any valuables or cash hidden or leave such valuables at home. And, always make sure you have your cell phone with you and that it is charged before you leave home in case you need to call for assistance. 

These tips, common sense, and situational awareness can help keep you and your loved ones safe in Lexington.

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