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If you’re facing sex crime charges in Georgetown, Kentucky, the stakes are incredibly high. Not only do they carry hefty penalties—such as prison sentences and steep fines—but they can also have lifelong consequences on your personal and professional life.

Legal representation is crucial at a time like this. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers can work to mount an aggressive defense to get you the best possible outcome. 

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How Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help If You’re Arrested For a Sex Crime in Georgetown, KY

How Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help If You’re Arrested For a Sex Crime in Georgetown, KY

Being charged with a sex crime in Kentucky can carry serious consequences. If you’re facing these accusations, it’s crucial to secure experienced legal representation without delay. 

We offer competent legal services in cases involving sensitive allegations of sexual misconduct. Here’s how we can help:

Early Intervention and Assessment

As soon as you reach out to us and decide to work with us, we’ll get started on your defense. We will get all available evidence from the prosecutor as well as undergo our own investigation. We will also listen to your side of the story in detail.

Our experienced attorneys will guide you through every step of this legal process, explaining your rights and available options at each stage. 

We understand sexual offenses carry both societal stigmatization and hefty legal penalties, which makes our role not simply to defend you but also to provide emotional support during such difficult times.

Building Defense Strategies

We’ll meticulously examine the specific circumstances surrounding your case and all evidence. This can include analyzing police procedures when you were arrested, interviewing witnesses, and evaluating the credibility of the alleged victim. This helps find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, which helps us create a solid defense.

Negotiation with Prosecutors 

In many cases, we will negotiate plea deals with prosecutors where charges are reduced or dropped, leading to a more lenient sentence. 

Assertive Representation in Court

Should your case go to trial, rest assured that our team will stand by you and defend you fiercely, putting forth compelling arguments throughout the proceedings.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a sex crime in Georgetown, KY, it’s critical to reach out to an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Let us help you. Contact Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers to schedule a free case review with a Georgetown sex crimes attorney. 

Overview of Sex Crimes in Kentucky 

There are many sex-related offenses in Kentucky, encompassing various types of behaviors that are illegal because of their sexually violating nature. Some of the most commonly prosecuted sex crimes include:


This is the act of engaging in sexual intercourse without consent or with someone incapable of giving it due to physical helplessness (often induced by substances) or age (under 16). There are varying degrees of rape and other actions that can be punished.

Sexual Abuse

A person can be charged with sexual abuse if they force a party into sexual contact, either by forcible compulsion or because the alleged victim is physically helpless, younger than 12 years old, mentally incapacitated, or has an intellectual disability. 

This offense has varying degrees depending on factors like frequency, severity, the defendant and victim’s age, and other factors.

Indecent Exposure 

It’s unlawful for anyone to intentionally expose their genitals under circumstances in which they know or ought to know that such behavior would cause alarm to those under the age of 18. 

This is first-degree indecent exposure, and there are other actions that are prohibited under different categories of this offense.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

In Kentucky, convictions for certain sex crimes can result in being required to register as a sex offender with state authorities. This registry allows the public to access information about convicted sex offenders, such as where they work and live. Failure to comply with this requirement is a crime itself and carries severe penalties.

Skilled legal representation is essential if you’re facing any of these charges.

What Are the Penalties For Sex Crimes in Georgetown, Kentucky?

What Are the Penalties For Sex Crimes in Georgetown, Kentucky?

The penalties for sex crimes in Kentucky can be quite severe and significantly impact your life. They vary depending on the specific crime a person is convicted of and whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, but most often include:

Jail or Prison Time

A sex crime conviction may result in confinement to a jail or state prison. This could range from a few months all the way up to life in prison in some cases.


Convicted offenders might also receive probation instead of a prison sentence. This allows them to live in the community under supervision, involving regular check-ins with their probation officer and adhering strictly to defined terms and conditions. 

These conditions may include remaining drug-free, obtaining and maintaining employment, and avoiding any further arrests.

Sex Offender Registration

Convicted sex offenders in Kentucky are often required to register with the state’s sex offender registry and stay on for a certain period – sometimes life. 

This means their personal details like home address, crime committed, photo, type of car, and more information become publicly accessible. They may also be limited in areas that they can live in based on nearby schools.

Sex Offender Treatment Program

Courts may require convicted sex offenders to engage in a recognized treatment program specially designed for offenders. The goal is behavior modification through therapy sessions (group and individual), understanding victim empathy, and creating relapse prevention plans.


Monetary fines are imposed alongside other sanctions, with the amount depending on the severity of the offense. 

Facing charges for a sex crime can be an overwhelming experience due to the serious potential penalties. If you or someone close to you is facing such charges, remember that it’s critical to find an experienced Georgetown criminal defense lawyer right away.

What Defenses Can Be Raised If I’m Arrested For a Sex Offense in Georgetown, KY? 

If you’ve been arrested for a sex crime, it’s crucial to remember that several defense strategies can be deployed in court depending on the specifics of your case:

This is often the most common and straightforward defense. If you can demonstrate reasonably and credibly that the other party gave consent before engaging in sexual activity, the charges may not stand. This usually comes down to one person’s word against another’s, but there can sometimes be other evidence, like text messages or witnesses who saw parts of the interaction.

Fourth Amendment Violations

Your right against unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment might have been violated by the police during evidence collection. If this is the case, your attorney can bring a motion to suppress to try to have this evidence excluded from trial, weakening the prosecutor’s case against you.

False Allegations

Sometimes, people make false accusations due to personal grudges, jealousy, or other ulterior motives. An experienced Georgetown criminal defense attorney will rigorously cross-examine the accuser to enhance your claim of innocence by casting doubt on their credibility and, therefore, the prosecution’s case.

Insufficient Evidence

A lack of physical or forensic evidence, unreliable witnesses, and inconsistent testimony can raise doubt about the charges against you. It’s on the prosecution to prove you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and if they can’t provide credible and reliable evidence supporting their accusations, you could be acquitted at trial.

When facing such serious charges, seeking legal help right away is essential. 

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With Our Georgetown Sex Crimes Lawyers

​Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With Our Georgetown Sex Crimes Lawyers

Sex crimes are incredibly serious and can change your life forever. Your future and freedom are too valuable to risk facing these charges alone. At Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, we’re committed to defending you and upholding your rights.

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