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Accessory Before or After a Crime in KY

Being an accessory to a crime in Kentucky can result in a serious jail sentence and other penalties. You do not have to commit the crime to be convicted and sentenced to the same punishment as the person who committed the crime. To be an accessory, all you have to do is help the person… read more

What to Expect if You’re Arrested in Kentucky for Drug Possession

Being arrested can be a traumatic experience, especially if it’s the first time you’ve had such an encounter with police officers. You never thought you would be handcuffed and taken away in a police vehicle, but it just happened. What do you do now? If you were arrested on drug possession charges in Lexington, KY,… read more

Are Police Scanners Legal in Kentucky?

Surprisingly, police scanners are legal for some kinds of private use in Kentucky. But Kentucky restricts the equipment that private citizens may use and how they may use it. Here are the things that you should know about Kentucky’s police scanner law and the legal uses of police scanners in Kentucky. Kentucky’s Police Scanner Law… read more

Is It Legal To Drive Barefoot in Kentucky?

The great state of Kentucky has its fair share of driving laws every driver should know about. As with all states, the Bluegrass state has laws about who can drive, how fast a car can go, and how often you need to renew your license.  Other important laws regulate issues such as: Driving while under… read more

What Happens If You Get an Out-of-State Warrant for Arrest?

There are several ways a person can get an out-of-state warrant for their arrest. Usually, out-of-state warrants for arrest happen during traveling, whether for leisure or business. But just because something happened in a different zip code does not mean you can ignore it.  How Do People End Up With Out-of-State Warrants for Arrest? Maybe… read more

Difference Between Lawyer and Attorney

If you are charged with a drug crime, assault, DUI, or another criminal offense, you want to ensure that you hire the right lawyer to handle your case. However, when you search online for a criminal defense attorney, you notice that some law firms refer to themselves as “attorneys” while other law firms refer to… read more

Is it Illegal to Have Sex in a Car?

There are times in which your vehicle may feel like the only private space away from family, friends, or roommates. However, regardless of make or model, a car can’t guarantee privacy from the outside world. Indecent exposure refers to reckless or even purposeful displays of public nudity or sexual activity. While your intention may not… read more

5 Things to Remember If You’re Up Against False Accusations in Court

The American justice system moves slowly. Oftentimes, this means that false accusations can take a lot of time and effort to disprove. In the meantime, you could live under a cloud of suspicion that may affect your family life, career, and even where you can live. However, you can beat a false accusation in court…. read more

How Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help If You’re Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is an enormous social problem. But the ways that the legal system deals with the issue of domestic violence has created additional complications. For instance, false allegations of abuse are sometimes used as a strategy to gain leverage in divorce, legal separation, and custody proceedings.  False domestic violence claims are very damaging to… read more

I Got a DUI – What Does That Mean For My Nursing License?

If you are a nurse or working to become a nurse in the commonwealth of Kentucky, a DUI can impact your ability to practice your chosen profession. If you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of a DUI in Kentucky, you may be asking yourself: what does this mean for my nursing license? Reporting Requirements… read more