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Drugged driving is a serious criminal offense in Lexington, KY. Our Lexington marijuana DUI lawyers at Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers represent clients facing criminal charges of driving under the influence of marijuana. We understand the laws regarding marijuana DUI charges, and we aggressively fight to protect your rights after an arrest.

Our law firm has represented clients in criminal cases in Lexington since 2009. We have over 100 years of legal experience in criminal law. With a former police officer and a prosecutor on our staff, we thoroughly understand how law enforcement and prosecutors work.

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How Our Lexington Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You With a DUI Case Involving Marijuana 

How Our Lexington Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You With a DUI Case Involving Marijuana 

Police officers may have arrested you for drugged driving, but that does not mean you are guilty of marijuana DUI. At Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers, we use every legal tool available to fight DUI charges. Because our founding attorney trained on DUI stops when he was a police officer, we know what to look for when investigating DUI charges

When you hire our legal team, you can expect our Lexington DUI attorneys to:

  • Investigate your DUI arrest to determine if the police officers violated your rights 
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence gathered by illegal searches and seizures
  • Providing sound legal advice regarding your options for fighting marijuana DUI charges
  • Negotiating with the prosecution for a fair plea deal
  • Representing you at court hearings and fighting your DUI case at trial

Do not wait to get the legal help you need after a DUI arrest for marijuana-drugged driving. Instead, contact our law firm today to schedule your free consultation with an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky.

What Is Kentucky’s Law Regarding Marijuana DUI?

Kentucky has a zero tolerance law for driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs. The legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher.

However, there is no minimum level of marijuana metabolites for a drugged driving charge. Kentucky Revised Statute §189A.010 states that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of any substance that impairs the person’s driving ability.

Kentucky’s implied consent law states that drivers of motor vehicles are deemed to have given their consent to a chemical test when an officer has reasonable grounds to believe the driver has violated DUI laws. The chemical test can include a blood, urine, or breath test. The test determines BAC levels or the presence of a substance that can impair the person’s driving ability.

Refusing to take a chemical test for a marijuana DUI could result in losing driving privileges, fines, and jail time. The refusal can also be used as evidence in court against the driver.

What Are the Potential Penalties for a Marijuana DUI in Lexington?

A marijuana DUI conviction can carry severe penalties. A first offense can result in a $200 to $500 fine and jail time of 48 hours to 30 days. A second conviction for marijuana DUI within ten years can result in a fine of $350 to $500 and seven days to six months in county jail. In addition, the judge may sentence the person to community labor for ten days to six months.

For each subsequent offense within ten years, the penalties increase. Furthermore, aggravating factors also increase the penalties for DUIs, even if this is your first-time marijuana DUI charge.

If you are arrested and convicted for a fourth or subsequent DUI for marijuana within ten years, you could be charged with a Class D felony. The result could be a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment.

What Do You Need to Know About Marijuana DUI in Lexington, KY?

You can be arrested and prosecuted for having any amount of marijuana in your system while driving a vehicle. In addition, if you are in possession of marijuana at the time of the DUI arrest, you also face criminal charges and penalties for drug possession.

Drug crimes are serious criminal matters, including driving under the influence of marijuana and other marijuana crimes. It is not something that you should ignore. Do not assume that the judge will impose a fine and let you go.

Your best chance of avoiding a DUI conviction is to hire an experienced Lexington DUI lawyer. There could be numerous defenses to the charges that could result in a dismissal or acquittal. 

Before you plead guilty to marijuana DUI charges and accept a plea deal, ensure you have all the facts from a trusted criminal defense lawyer in Lexington.

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