Our Kentucky DUI Attorneys Can Defend Against Your DUI Urine or Blood Test

You don’t drink. Yet, while driving slowly through Victorian Square admiring the old buildings, an officer pulls you over and arrests you on suspicion of DUI. You aren’t worried since you haven’t been drinking. Surely, the breath test will prove you innocent.

However, when you get to the station, the officer informs you that they will be taking a urine and blood sample. You ask to take the breath test instead. The officer informs you that they will be checking for drugs.

Drugs? Does My Regular Prescription Medication Count?

Yes.  However, it may or may not show up on a urine or blood based on what the prescription contains and whether it is part of the different drugs each sample is tested for.  If an officer suspects that you are under the influence of drugs, or a combination of drugs and alcohol, he or she will typically ask you to take a urine or blood test instead of a breath test.

How is a Blood or Urine Test Administered?

For a blood test, you will most likely be taken to a local hospital where a nurse will draw your blood.  After drawing the sample, the nurse will seal the sample to prevent tampering, log the sample, and prepare it for shipment to the closest state forensic laboratories.  If you blood is being tested for alcohol, the sample should be tested in a few days, if it is for drugs, it may take months before the results are returned.

A urine test is administered exactly like any other urine test.  You are escorted into private area where you produce a sample of your urine in front of the police officer or someone at the police officers direction.  Once you provided the sample, it is sealed by the person administering the test and sent to the local forensic laboratory for testing.

What Drugs Show Up On A Blood or Urine Test?

After a sample is collected, the sample is sent to the local Forensic Laboratory branch of the Department of State Police.  If an alcohol test comes back negative, it is tested further for drugs.

Typically, the sample is tested for most common drugs including marijuana, synthetic marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.  Even the contents of prescription drugs such as Adderall will show up on the results.  Typically, if you are prescribed these drugs, it provides a strong basis for your defense which our attorneys can use to your benefit.

If these or any additional drugs are detected in your sample, the prosecution will attempt to use it as evidence against you.  However, our attorneys are experienced in dealing with blood and urine samples.  We can review the results, determine its evidentiary value, and even negate its introduction into evidence if several procedures were not followed in its collection, transportation, or testing.

Our Kentucky DUI Attorney Can Fight Any Evidence Against You.

The officer has decided you committed the crime of DUI and because of that, they will work hard to uncover the basis for your impairment.  Know your rights, call Suhre & Associates.  Whatever the results may show, the prosecutor may use this evidence against you.  We have the knowledge and experience to defend you.

It is not rude to refuse the test.  Why offer the police evidence against yourself?  Contact us to protect you.  Inform the police that they will need to address all questions to us. Don’t be intimidated. You have rights. Give us a call now at 859-569-4014.